Research & Development & Innovation (R+D+I)

We started trading in 1985 manufacturing laboratory equipment for the control and testing of construction materials used in Civil Engineering works. Since then, we have extended our scope to a complete range of equipment for the testing of Concrete, Cement, Asphalt, Steel, Rock, Aggregates and Soil.
We are located 25 km from Madrid, with excellent communications by road, very close to the international airport and to one of the main railway stations. Our premises occupy an area of 2300 m2 with five buildings covering manufacturing, warehousing, packaging, offices, calibration laboratory, conference and exhibition hall, and technical services.


Proeti has evolved to the point of establishing itself as a current benchmark manufacturer in its sector. The importance of innovation is so critical at Proeti that one could say without hesitation that every line of business has emerged from the efforts of R & D.


Proeti's commitment to assured quality is nothing new. In fact, in 1996 it was one of the first companies to be accredited as an “ENAC Calibration Laboratory”, and then in 1999 its quality management system was certified under ISO 9001. Since then and to date, Proeti, S.A. has continued to move forward with the introduction of measures to assure quality in all its processes.


Proeti has in recent years followed a strategy of growth and geographical diversification, focusing on markets which offer a high degree of potential growth and where the company can capitalise on its capabilities and experience to establish a significant position.
Our philosophy in those countries where we have established a presence, is to adapt ourselves to the internal markets, designing, manufacturing and marketing products which suit the needs and purchasing power of our customers.

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ENAC Calibration Laboratory

Accreditation no. 60/LC10.037
Calibration on the following areas:
Density (Solid), 60/LC540
Force (Mechanics), 60/LC100
Permanent Calibration Laboratory
"In Situ" calibration

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Technical services and additional guarantees

Proeti products carry a standard guarantee of one year which covers any manufacturing defect
Proeti also offers additional guarantees to complement the basic guarantee and assure the maintenance of our equipment over the long term, the updating of programs and also of firmware.

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Quick support

Producción de Equipos Técnicos e Industriales
Producción de Equipos Técnicos e Industriales, S. A.
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