ENAC Calibration Laboratory

Accreditation no. 60/LC10.037
Calibration on the following areas:
Density (Solid), 60/LC540
Force (Mechanics), 60/LC100
Permanent Calibration Laboratory
"In Situ" calibration

The E.N.A.C. accreditation is recognised, compulsorily, by all the member states of the EU/EFTA which signed the Multilateral Agreement for Mutual Recognition (MLA) established in accordance with the EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation).
Schemes for mutual recognition have been developed, under the global cooperation between ILAC (International Laboratories Accreditation Cooperation) and IAF (International Accreditation Forum), similar to those already established in Europe.
E.N.A.C. represents Spain in the above-mentioned forums and is a signatory to the relevant Multilateral Agreements, giving its Accredited Laboratories (such as PROETISA) its official support and recognition at international level.
Calibration of laboratory equipment must be carried out regularly. Proeti offers a calibration service, as an ENAC Laboratory, in the field of force and density.
Our laboratory can carry out calibrations of test machines and nuclear density moisture gauges. You can consult our accreditation in www.enac.es.

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